Where advanced R&D meets practical engineering and creative design

Who We Are

Rudimental Labs is a small innovation-focused engineering firm that specializes in product and prototype development. We operate at the intersection of advanced R&D, creative design, and practical engineering to help companies of all sizes turn their ideas into reality.

What We Do

Designing and manufacturing products, prototypes and bespoke equipment is our bread and butter. We do this for our clients and partners, as well as developing products of our own. We also offer consulting and contract engineering services. Whether you're a startup developing a new product or prototype, an experimental researcher in need of a bespoke experimental rig, a scientist looking to commercialize your research, or a business in need of bespoke equipment, we're here to support you.

Our Capabilities

Our team has a wide breadth of expertise spanning:

  • Low-volume and bespoke manufacturing

  • Design of mechanical and mechatronic systems

  • Thermodynamics

  • Software development

  • Numerical/scientific computing

  • Advanced control system design

  • Industrial and embedded electronics

  • Engineering project management

  • Energy systems

Our Leadership

Dr. Will Clarke, Director of Rudimental Labs, is a mechatronics engineer with a PhD in Control Systems Engineering from the University of Melbourne. He has experience in several industries, including energy, weather monitoring, robotics, compressed air, water utility, defence, and commercial HVAC. He believes in combining practical hands-on experience with fundamental engineering principles to achieve the best solutions.

Get In Touch

If you are interested in learning more about our services or to discuss your project with us please get in touch.info@rudimentallabs.com.au

Recent Projects

Butter Malaxeur

Historically, the malaxeur (shown top) was an integral part of the butter making process. Cream would be churned to separate the solid (butter) and the liquid (buttermilk). The butter would then be processed using a malaxeur to remove additional buttermilk to stop the butter going rancid. This process is also believed to improve the texture of the butter making it more enjoyable to eat. This process is typically excluded from modern butter processing, as it is no long required to stop the butter going rancid.Recently, Madeleine Butter contracted Rudimental Labs to design and manufacture a modern version of this historic machine (shown bottom). We expect this machine to be operational by September, 2023.

Shaping Paddles

Rudimental Labs recently designed a set of "food safe" shaping paddles for hand shaping artisan butter. The main face of the paddle is machined 304 stainless steel and the handles are machined UHMWPE.This project was commissioned by Madeleine Butter and highlights our willingness to engage with projects big or small.

Experimental Microgrid

This experimental microgrid platform was designed and manufactured for the thermodynamics laboratory at the University of Melbourne. It contains

  • a solar PV system

  • an AC coupled battery system

  • a gasoline fuel generator and

  • a dynamically controllable load bank

  • a comprehensive instrumentation and data acquisition system

  • an experimental control system platform for testing advanced microgrid control strategies

  • a custom throttle controller and custom generator auto-start system

This experimental platform has been used to perform several experiments. This includes a set of experiments completed by our companies Director, Will Clarke. Will implemented a multi-layer optimization based control system on the platform and ran a series of tests to evaluate the performance. The results of these research are available here.